Vila Viçosa

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1 latitude:38.776871

Headquarters of the Marble Route in the Anticline of Estremoz. Largo D. João IV no 40 – 7160-254 Vila Viçosa. Meeting point and beginning of a visit for the several heritages. Here it will be provided a framework for the interpretative route of the Heritage and History of the Marble Industry.

2 latitude:38.786560
Marble Museum -

Interpretative Centre. Lisboa Street– quarry of Gradinha.

3 latitude:38.780210
Archaeology Museum -

Fortress of the Dukes of Bragança, Alcaçova of the Castle – Vila Viçosa. House Bragança.

4 latitude:38.7825010
Paço Ducal -

Residential Architecture, renaissance, manueline, mudéjar, mannerist, baroque and neoclassic. 

5 latitude:38.781216
Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça -

Religious architecture, mannerist and baroque. Convent for gracianos or Nossa Senhora da Graça brothers, from Santo Agostinho Order.

Church with longitudinal church, in Latin cross. Flanked by side square towers, only nave, with side chapels.

National Monument since 1944 (church), it has ZEP since 1961 (church) and a joint ZEP since 2011.

6 latitude:38.782065
Fonte Pequena -

Infrastructural and Renaissance architecture, marble, XVII century.

Included in the Special Protection Zone of the Old Convent of Agostinhos and in the Special Protection Joint Zone of the classified and in the process of classification properties in the historic center of Vila Viçosa. 

7 latitude:38.778242
Church of the Professed House of São João Evangelista -

Professed house from Companhia de Jesus, mannerist and baroque. Founded in 1636. The temple construction was started with donations provided by D. João IV, but it was never concluded. 

8 latitude:38.77720
Nossa Senhora da Lapa dos Milagres Church -

Founded in 1756.

All the inside decoration is of marble from the region, intricately worked. Its portal is a piece to be highlighted due to the balance of its proportions and its architectonic style. 

9 latitude:38.774354
Marbrito -

Marbrito company was founded in 1982 as a factory in Vila Viçosa equipped with advanced technology for transformation of natural stone. About 75% of its production is destined for the export markets. Their business partners were the reason for its foundation - Marmoz – Companhia Industrial de Mármores de Estremoz, Ltd. which transforms and commercializes. Rosa de Aurora, Branco de Estremoz and Rosa de Portugal marbles stand out. 

10 latitude:38.769594
César Valério -

César Valério – “canteiro” and sculptor – Workshop/Atelier/Expositions Gallery

Canteiro Workshop

César Valério (son) begins to go to its father’s workshop in school vacations. The canteiro master (father) starts to give him some works. With 17 years old, he becomes canteiro apprentice. From here to sculpture it was one step. During its career, he has been working with some artists, sculptors, such as Susana Piteiro and Charters de Almeida, among others.

11 latitude:38.759593

The company ETMA SA was founded and licensed in 1974. It uses state-of-art technology, 100% nationally. It is the greatest employer of the sector in the county and receives orders from several world regions, such as Qatar, Singapore and from other companies such as Rolls Royce. 

12 latitude:38.764111
Quarry of VO Vigária -

Manual mechanical winch with multiplier effect to pull marble blocks with 4 wheels and two handles.  These equipment replaced the arm strength and its application was already known in quarries in the north of France in the end of the XIX century. They would be replaced by motorized winches also known as Crapauds.

Mechanism of manual drilling. 

13 latitude:38.75368
Quarry TR Roseirinha -

Active Quarry.

Existence of an identification plate: Quarry TR Roseirinha.

Excavator is used often to dismantle marble blocks.  

14 latitude:38.7325706
Quarry of Fonte Soeiro -

Quarry of Fonte Soeiro explored by JF Cochicho e Filhos – quarry and cutting stands.

Quarry with mining of well type, active, with about 120m of depth.

Existence of identification plate: Quarry of Fonte da Moura Parcela – 3 explored by F.J. Cochicho & Filho, Lda.

Licensing nº 4970 of 31-10-1984.

Technical Manager: Luís Bernardo de Sousa

It has 4 derricks, old mono blade and marble chariot. Very crystalline marble (fine/medium grain), with white and beige tonalities, it might have small veins of pink, brown or grey.

Lift allowing easier access to people and heavy machines to the bottom of the quarry.

Quarry of Soeiro Fountain explored by JF Cochicho e Filhos. Mono blade and chariot disabled. 


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1 latitude:38.841650
Tourism Office – House of Estremoz – City Council of Estremoz -

Meeting Point and beginning of the visit for the several heritages. Here it will be provided a framework for the interpretative route of the Heritage and History of the Marble Industry.

2 latitude:38.841701
Church and Convento of Maltezas -

Church and Convento of Maltezas / Church of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Estremoz / Center of Live Science.

3 latitude:38.841614
Convent and Church of Congregados -

Museum of Religious Art of Estremoz

Religious, monastic, renaissance, baroque architecture. The building belonged to the Convent of Congregados of the Oratory of S. Filipe Nery. It complies with the canons of the baroque style in the dawn of joanino neoclassicism, built on a Renaissance Palace. Its project, attributed to João Antunes, the same author of the Church of Santa Engrácia in Lisbon, is one of the examples reflecting the Italian influence of the seventeenth Portuguese baroque. 

4 latitude:38.843002
Alcáçova Streets -

House in the alcaçova of the castle in the medieval period. There are some broken arcs from the XIV century in the frames of some doors.

5 latitude:38.842320
Palace of the Marquises of Praia e Monforte -

It is said that after the gunpowder explosion  in the castle, it served the Vedoria during some time. The building is part of the set of the Palace of the Marquises of Praia and Monforte. 

6 latitude:38.843680
Gadanha Lake -

Infrastructural Architecture.

In 1688 it is built in Rossio de São Brás the lake and the fountain. The “Gadanha” statue, representing the Saturn God, came from the Convent of Congregados, having been transposed for the center of the lake possibly in 1852 (date on the statue). In that time, the statue changed also of paradigm. Representing, primarily, Saturn, symbol of affluence and abundance, it starts to be known as Gadanha, symbolizing the ephemeral and fleeting nature of life, as confirmed by the inscription on the statue. 

7 latitude:38.843234
Convent of São Francisco of Estremoz -

Religious, gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture. Franciscan convent. Chapel of renaissance D. Fradique. 

8 latitude:38.846430
Fountain of São João de Deus -

Restoration memorial of public utility in 1834.

Originally built somewhere in the old Rossio de São Brás (today Municipal Garden) in 1834/36, it was changed to the left side elevation of the Real de São João de Deus Hospital (today House of Sergeants of the 3 Cavalry Regiment) in 1901. The marble stonework stands out. Patent; the classicism in the wreath of flowers of the inferior panel and in the coat of arms of Estremoz in the central body. It has three anthropomorphic frowns. 

9 latitude:38.846540
Canteiro Vergílio A. Ramalho e Filhos, Ltd. -

Stonemason workshop, producing works in marble and other ornamental stones for funerary art and for construction. 

10 latitude:38.835332
Quarry of Cerca de Santo António -

Quarry disabled in 2012.

Explored by 3 companies: Marmoz, Mármores Galrão and Mármores Batanete.

It has a Portico (25ton), mono blade, chariot and rails, two derricks and helical wire rack.

Existence of at least one project for the quarry of Santo António to become a luxury hotel (CCDRc).

11 latitude:38.838228
Company of Marble and Ceramics of Estremoz and Borba, Ltd. -

Existence of registration RTN 0050 regarding the start and preparation of the company of Marbles and Ceramics of Estremoz and Borba, Ltd. in 1918.

It had a saw for sawing blocks, three guillotines to cut small tiles, two lathes, an air compressor, a granulating machine, an engine of poor gas of 60 cv, an oil engine of 9 cv. Mechanisms that, after its closure, were transferred to its sawmill denominated “Calçado Velho” in Pêro Pinheiro, county of Montelavar, municipality of Sintra (ministerial decree authorizing  -1938).

12 latitude:38.831542
Quarry of Cruz dos Meninos -

Existence of an identification plate: Quarry of Carrascal Cruz dos Meninos

Licensing nº 5326 of 05-04-1991.

Technical Manager: João José L.R. Passos.

Existence of derricks, two monolamines and backstage (with pulleys) for the passage of the helical wire.

Existence of eye-of-owl blocks and calcite crystals of rare beauty (indicative of marble with good quality in depth). 

13 latitude:38.824499
Block B -

Throughout its history, it created and consolidated a vast network of contacts with clients in several countries, reinforcing a relationship of partnership and proximity. Block B exports for more than 15 countries, in 4 continents, through a vast network of great distributors.

The company has an exterior park with 10 000 m2 and a covered area of exposition and production park of 2700 m2.

The park of Block B allows keeping the stock of all kinds of marble, in blocks, plates or tiles. 


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1 latitude:38.805772
Tourism Office City Council of Borba -

Meeting Point and beginning of the visit for the several heritages. Here it will be provided a framework for the interpretative route of the Heritage and History of the Marble Industry.

2 latitude:38.806247
Bicas de Borba Fountain -

National Monument since 1910.

Infrastructure architecture, rococo and neoclassical.

Built in 1781 at the expense of the municipality of Borba. It was devoted to the consort Queen D. Maria I and King D. Pedro III.

Engineer: José Alvares de Barros

Sculptors: António Franco Painho and the brothers António and Angélico Velez.

3 latitude:38.806343
Passos S. Bartolomeu -

Religious and baroque Architecture. Square plant and monumental architectonic profile that follow the example of Passos de Évora and the ones of Vila Viçosa, Redondo, Estremoz and Elvas. The ones from Borba have a greater monumentality and autonomy in the surroundings.

Work attributed to the master José Francisco de Abreu

4 latitude:38.806245
Palace of Melos -

Located in the old Aramenha Street. It belonged to one of the noble families from the old village of Borba. House with plant spread over two floors with agricultural and residential function. It was used as a public school until just before the 25th April. Nowadays it serves as municipal library. 

5 latitude:38.804350
House of Borba -

Marble work attributed to the brothers António and Angélico Velez,  XVIII century.

Front and side parts of the stairs interconnected with crampons.

Altar Frame in rose marble.

Main door with marble frames and front with “fogaréus".

6 latitude:38.805779
City Council of Borba -

Politic-Administrative Architecture, late baroque. Municipal Paços with plant “U” shaped, a common feature in the palaces of the XVIII and XIX centuries. It belongs to a typology which is very common in Alentejo, aiming to dignify the municipal power. 

7 latitude:38.798652
Quarry of Encostinha -

Active Quarry. Since the XX century, steel cables of several kinds started to replace other materials such as ropes and rigging from vegetal origin, with great resistance to traction and longer lifetime, became materials of constant use in marble explorations. Existence of Identification Plate: Pedreira Encostinha n.º 4 J.P.L. explored by Marmetal Mármores e Materiais de Construção, SA.

Licensing number 3767 de 16-03-1990

Technical Manager: António Crespo (António José Crespo Pereira)

8 latitude:38.799296
Quarry of Carrascal -

Active Quarry.

Existence of an identification plate: Pedreira Carrascal JS explored by Plácido José Simões SA.

Charriot with marble block with cut in monolamina. Charriot is similar to a sledge that serves to move marble blocks, with trains, within the sawmill zone. Mobile fuel container that allows filling up the vehicles’ container that are in the quarry, very useful for the quarries draw-well shaped.

9 latitude:38.755737
Heaps of Mouro -

Landscaping originated by the exploration of quarries and caused by the concentration of non-usable parts of marble and other minerals (debris) that prevents or hinders the development of vegetation and any agricultural activity in the zone. 

10 latitude:38.778043
Carapinha & Anselmo Workshop -

Stonemason Workshop – Marble Transformation .

11 latitude:38.778004
Curvomármores -

Stonemason Workshop – Marble Transformation

Owners: José Curvo e Nelson Curvo

Vertical Talha Blocks used to cut marble blocks, granites and other ornamental stones.